Roofing Hail Damage Repairs

A Person Holds Large Hail Stones.

The Coverage Your Roof Deserves

We get hail storms from time to time in Topeka and Lawrence, KS. Typically, they cause only minimal damage, but sometimes the stones are larger and they cause serious problems for vehicles and properties in the area. When hail damages your roof, it can cause structural issues that lead to leaks, holes, and other issues. When that happens, you need an experienced roofer who will inspect your roof and address damage head-on. That’s exactly what we do at Appelhanz Roofing. We’re the preferred roofing contractor that property owners know they can call after a hail storm. Our team has spent years working in the area, responding to residents’ calls after storm damage and providing effective solutions to get roofs back in great shape. Find out how we can deliver high-quality roof hail damage repair at an affordable price for your home. Schedule an appointment for roof hail damage repair in Topeka and Lawrence, KS by calling 785-246-0006 today!

Custom Roof Hail Damage Repair

One of the main challenges with roof hail damage repair is that sometimes damage can be difficult to spot. From the ground, it’s hard to make out exactly the extent of the damage caused. Usually, it takes getting up on the roof for a closer look. Sometimes, you need to get under the top layer of your roof to assess the impact of a hail storm. Appelhanz Roofing has years of experience inspection and assessing hail damage in Topeka and Lawrence, KS. We have the training and the resources to find out what’s wrong with your roof and design the right plan to fix it. Our technicians will find every spot of hail damage and restore it back to good condition again.

Roof Insurance Claims Help

Typically, roof hail damage repair involves spot repairs to fix dents and damages roofing layers. Sometimes, however, it requires complete roof replacement. Either way, you can trust Appelhanz Roofing for a fair assessment of the best path forward. Whatever type of repair you need, our team can help you file a homeowner’s insurance claim and get it approved quickly so repairs can proceed. We are used to dealing with the complexities of the claims filing process, and know what insurance providers need in terms of documentation. We deal with insurers in the area, both local and national, regularly, and know-how to move things along.

Dedicated Roofing Support

A proactive approach is the best approach when it comes to your roof. After something like a hail storm, you should call for professional support to make sure nothing is damaged. If something is broken, you need an experienced team who can fix things and restore your roof at a good price. Local property owners trust Appelhanz Roofing for the best roof repair deals in the area. They know we’ll get to them quickly and manage everything from end to end. In no time, your roof will look brand new again, and there will be no sign of any hail damage. Make the call now to avoid leaks, holes, and other problems. We’ll get you sorted and give you peace of mind knowing your roof is in good shape.

Schedule roof hail damage repair in Topeka and Lawrence, KS by calling 785-246-0006 now! One of our expert roofing technicians will be happy to come to take a look and see how we can help.